Ann Rubert

Marilynn Williams 

Dargie Sutton (absent)

Lynae Beaber

Tommy Thompson         

Lori Faris


School Staff/Guests

Caroline Cramer


Open Comments 


Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Time: 7:05


Current Events

Papa Murphy’s Cards

Marilynn asked for a date in March and it is all full.

We can pick a date and try in April.  We can also send home the order form again with the students.

Marilynn and Dargie went Friday February 7th which was the worst day for snow.


Sea Hawk Egg Pictures

Last day to order pictures Sea Hawk Egg is February 14th.


Date Night

February 19th 4-7pm at Shankz at the old Yard Birds.

Group Photos at Shanks.

Dave will be taking pictures at the first hole. He will also take group pictures for anyone who wants them.   

Tickets are $ 8.50 for adults, $6.50 for children, senior citizens $6.00.

Tom will supply the huge cooler and ice.

Marilynn will provide the hot box, for the pizzas.

Movie: 2 and we need a decision as to which ones. Despicable Me & Despicable Me2.  



Marilynn and Dargie are still working with the IRS. Anne has a form to send off to Patty Murray. Marilynn says we will have to use the school books to write grants.

Dargie and Marilynn have printed up a general letter of request for grant proposals.

Letter of Intent that Dargie and Marilynn wrote up:


March Family Reading Night

March 19th 2014

Door Decorating Contest and Reading Night.

Our cafeteria ladies will bake the cornbread for the night before.  

There will be bowls of chili and cornbread free of charge to all who come.

Open Book Fair at the Library.

PTSA is in charge of getting supplies.  Marilynn, Lori and Dargie were able to get all the supplies for the meal.



Budget Request: 

Teachers need to check their classroom funds first. Then submit a budget request form to PTSA.

A teacher submitted a budget request form for $79.35 as a short fall for Social Studies Weekly for 1 year. She was unaware she had a classroom account.  


Budget Request Form for

Stickers for Math a Minute Students.

Marilynn and Karen Ameroso have been buying these for years. They have been low since December 2012.


PTSA Website

Lynae will have her husband started putting our minutes up on the PTSA web site.

Will have to ask Shannon if we can have a shortcut put on our school website to have a shortcut for our PTSA website.


T-Shirts & Hoodies

 “Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow” outside the border.  The shirts will sell for $20.00 for Hoodies and $10.00 for T-Shirts. We will we send out order forms to students.


Mariners Game

We will start with a Mariner tickets order 150 and we can order more if needed but they will be in a different section just like last year. The Mariner’s game will be the 26th of April against the Texas Rangers.

It was suggested that we contact the businesses in the community to sponsor a kid to go to attend the game.  The PTSA will also sponsor a specific number of BBBS tickets so that they can attend the game.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:25


Next meeting will be,   March 10th 2014,   7:00 pm, Winlock Elementary Cafeteria/Ms. Nelson’s Room



Winlock PTSA Secretaries


Dargie Sutton

Lori Faris