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Current Events



 T-Shirts & Hoodies

Ann and Dargie talked with Mrs. Ming about T-shirts.  Mrs. Ming says that the T-Shirt shop has the time now to work on the design and will let us know when the sample is ready for approval and orders can be placed.  It was agreed that all shirts would be burgundy with yellow.  The design will be a school house with “WMES” at the peak, “I was here” below the sidewalk and “Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow” outside the boarder.  The shirts will sell for $20.00 for Hoodies and $10.00 for T-Shirts.


Mariners Game

We will start with a Mariner tickets order 150 and we can order more if needed but they will be in a different section just like last year. The Mariner’s game will the 26th of April against the Texas Rangers.

It was suggested that we contact the businesses in the community to sponsor a kid to go to a game.  The PTSA will also sponsor a specific number of BBBS tickets so that they can attend the game.


Date Night

February 19th 4-7pm at Shankz at the old Yard Birds.

We can provide a movie for Shankz to play during family night.  Suggestion for movies were Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.  Ann and Dave will create the flyers to promote the family night.

Adults will be needed to monitor the golf course and take money at the door.

Presale $10.00/pair additional child $5.00 prepaid.

Door $12.00/pair $ 6.00 for extra child.


Valentine’s Day Candy Grams

Suggestion to sell the rest of the candy bars we have left to sell at the high school for $1.00 each.  We were not able to do this as the Sophomore class is selling candy grams.


Papa Murphy’s Cards

Marilynn asked for a date in February that we could sign up to sell these at WalMart.  Ann said February 7/8th would work for her.  Dargie will pass this date on to her.



Dr Seuss Read Across America Day

Mrs. Criss asked if we would donate Dr. Seuss hats for staff to wear on February 28th.  Ann looked online and found the cheapest ones to be $2.00 each.  It was suggested that if approved we would look a buying them so they can reuse them.  A vote will be taken at the February meeting to see how many we would have to order and at what cost.  Carolynn Cramer suggested that if we still have little Dr. Seuss books, that we could look to give them out.


Capri Sun recycling

Ann signed us up and we get reimbursed by weight.  Also Sharpie and PaperMate and we get a penny per point by weight.  All the information will be sent to the email address.


There was a question as to where the start up money came from for Santa Shop and Dargie was able to answer that it came from the funds turned in for the Papa Murphy fundraiser.


Ann suggested that we check with Lisa Contreras to use a see if she would support the use of the tree fundraiser towards an assembly for all the kids.


Approval was given to proceed with contacting Little Caesars for their pizza kits. We would look at the delivery date being held on a Saturday to help with delivery confusion and allowing extra time for sorting of orders.  Marilynn will be given the go ahead to contact Little Caesars to set up arrangements for the fundraiser.


Lori, Ann, Dave and Lynae will be collecting the money for the Mariners and family night tickets from the office that either Erica or Carrie has collected.


Meeting close: 8:10pm


Next meeting will be,   February 10th 2014,   7:00 pm, Winlock Elementary cafeteria


Winlock PTSA Secretaries


Dargie Sutton

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