Marilynn Williams

Dargie Sutton

Lynae Beaber

 Tori Nelson (absent)

 Lori Faris


School Staff/Guests

Carin Forler, Lisa Contreras, Kerrie Gillum, Von Moseley, Julie Spalding


Open Comments 


Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Time: 3:15



PTSA Bylaws will need to be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

Please review at your leisure and report at the next meeting for a vote.

Requirements for general meetings are 3 per year.



Burlington Northern- Any word yet?

Fred Meyer- Has been finished and sent in.

Grants Tulalip & Costco – Marilynn will be working on grants from these two businesses.


Field Trip Grants:

Marilynn wants to send in one to Costco and Tulalip Casino to help with funding the cost of transportation to the field trips the students are wanting to take this year.



ONE WORLD, MANY CULTURES - Von Moseley chairperson 

Time will be October 25th from 4-6 pm

Activities and Games

Tortilla Making: Julie Spalding will organize parents for this.

Melted Crayon Batik

Japanese Kites

Day of the Dead Tattoos

Henna painting

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Indian Corn Beads – children can make necklaces.

Native American Message Rocks

Mankala Tournament- 3 boards- Kerrie Gillum will manage.

Where in the World? Lori will put together.

Hummus Tasting-Lori will pass out.

Cake Walk around the World- Marilynn will get all the cakes/breads gathered.

Music for cake Walk- Mr. Scarborough will provide musical CDs.

Costume Contest – Prizes for the top three winners.

Story Telling- by Mr. Wilson for the Cowlitz Tribe



Trunk or Treat

PTSA will be handing out candy from 3-5 pm. They will be by the Library again this year. An email will be sent out to all members requesting a bag of candy be put in our box, to be passed out.



Christmas Trees

Mrs. Contreras will work with PTSA to sell trees at Santa Shop this year to earn enough to help cover transportation costs of the 1st grade field trip this year.  The process will be that the trees can be ordered through the PTSA and the trees will be picked up at the tree farm.


Next meeting will be November 10th 2014 @ Winlock Miller Elementary  

Time: 3:15 Ms. Nelson’s Room.



Winlock PTSA Secretary


Lori Faris