Marilynn Williams

Dargie Sutton

Lynae Beaber

 Tori Nelson

Lori Faris

School Staff/Guests

Carin Forler, Mr. Boyd Calder, Ms. Laurie Hull


Open Comments 


Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Time: 3:20



PTSA Bylaws will need to be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

Please review at your leisure and report at the next meeting for a vote.

Requirements are 3 general meetings per year.


PTSA and the LAW

Mandatory for Board Members to go the times are:

October 8th Wednesday evening in Chehalis

November 15th – Saturday in Graham


WMES Staff—Awards Plaque-

Tori said it would be a monthly vote by a nomination process. Staff would be involved in choosing another staff member as a valued employee.  They would receive a certificate and their name put on a plaque.

School PTSA Employees not available to vote, conflict of interest.

Lynae motioned Dargie seconded, to purchase an awards plaque through Awards West.



Burlington Northern- Has been finished and sent in.

Fred Meyer- In process.


Field Trip Grants:

Marilynn wants to send in one to Costco and Tulalip Casino.

Pie Sales-Field Trip to OMSI

5th Grade does want to sell pies. They would like to start around November 1st.


School Drive Supplies Stuff the Bus-

Students and teachers have the necessities to learn and teach.

Wish list items still looking to purchase/acquire –

Chin up bar for Mrs. Kinnamin

Apple TV for Mr. Alexy

2ft Chess Set for Mr. Viggers in the Middle School Commons,

**Tablets for Mrs. Ziese’s Room ask Boeing Surplus Marilynn suggested. Also suggested was to look at Seattle schools as they circulate their laptops every 2 years .

Micki Musick got her book case.   Her chair backs are being worked on.

SPED Preschool List: farm animals, magnetic letters, and big stamp pads. Their tables and cubbies are being built by the high school.

The High School Staff was excited about getting lots of Kleenex.


Marilynn and Dargie have been all over shopping for students and staff and finding the best possible deals.


Sept 23  Family Math Night 

Teachers will be awarded for the best door by vote.

Marilynn motioned and all in favor of a $30.00 gift certificate from Staples awarded to the teacher with the best door.



65 members as of today. (Last year was 36).


Secretary Report:

Working on Fred Meyer Grant and finishing tax write offs with Stuff the Bus Donators.

We are waiting to hear back on the Wal*Mart Grant, and Love’s that Dargie and Lori worked on at the end of summer for Students/Staff Needs/Wish Lists.

At an assembly we may wish to send an invitation to sponsors that have donated money for students/staff supplies and thank them.


V-President’s Report

Card Stock- Dargie suggested we can use this for certificates for a thank you to our sponsors.  

Have some students sign them, and she will put them in frames. Lori will hand deliver most of them out.


Budget Request

Ink-- Leanna Elofson's SPED Room.   Mr. Calder suggested that the school purchase this ink.  Lynae will look for prices.


October Fest

Will be Saturday evening on the 25th of October this year.

Ms. Von Moseley  (Apollo) has offered to organize along with her students.



Next meeting will be October 13th 2014 @ Winlock Miller Elementary  

Time: 3:15 Ms. Nelson’s Room.



Winlock PTSA Secretary

Lori Faris