Marilynn Williams 

Dargie Sutton

Lynae Beaber (absent)                 

 Tori Nelson

Lori Faris


School Staff/Guests


Open Comments 


Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Time: 12:10


Treasurer’s Report

Lynae was unavailable.

Books have been audited and up to date.

Motion for new Budget - Tori motioned   Dargie 2nd

There will be a 15% margin that is included for estimation of the budget.


New Principal

Mr. Boyd Calder for Winlock Miller Elementary School.

He spent his PTSA allocated monies on T-Shirts for all staff at the elementary school. Dargie will get the bill for payment before next meeting.



Burlington Northern- need to modify again and add beautification.

Fred Meyer- Lori hand delivered the proposal. Received a call back that it was sent to the Vancouver Office for approval. It included A.R. and both libraries.


(Tori commented teachers did not use star last year. (Parts of A.R)

Hopefully, the grade school will be reimbursed or delete the star programs.)


Target Grant- Tori sent hers off asking for a field trip to OSMI. The max allowed amount is $700.00.


Open House/BBQ

Tori commented that she and other teachers’ are very appreciative that it is before school.

Dinner will start around 4:00 p.m.

We will set up PTSA tables in the cafeteria.

PTSA will set up games and hands-on activities 4:00-5:30  (PTO sent us some family games as a donation).

Family Games in the cafeteria will be over at 5:45. (clean-up)

Meet and greet will start at 6:00 pm in the Gymnasium.

Gymnasium with Parents

Mr. Calder will be introduced by Mrs. Criss and PTSA and staff will be introduced around 6:20 pm.

After the meet and greet, parents and student can drop into class for a quick visit and see your teacher put away class supplies.

Doors will be locked at 7pm.



Stuff the Bus

The bus will be arriving at Walmart around 12:45.

The time is from 1:00 to 6:00 pm

We will need to have boxes/totes/crates on each end of the store.

Papers to pass out for student supply needs.

Stickers to hand out to children.

Time Slots

Dargie, Lori, Trevor, and Dustin 12:45 to 6:00.

Tori 3-6

Marilynn 3-6

Mr. Boyd Calder 3 to when he can get there.

Mrs. Shannon Criss 4-6

Other Volunteers

Lori asked Sammie York for around 3:00 pm if she could make it.


Mariner Game Raffle Winner

The winner is Justin from Vader.  He was called and picked up his prize.



Smile.Amazon if you register your amazon account with we can get up to 1% of what people spend on qualifying purchases.

Dargie will finish registering us.

Schwann’s – Products will be delivered to homes when ordered on line.

We will receive 20%-40% the first month.

Safeway’s E-script.

Dargie said for open house night she will put together a list/packet for parents to hand out.

The School Mall Fundraiser.

(Books will need to be filled out).  Students need a total of 10 complete addresses.

(Last year, 60 students got t-shirts; 5 teachers received gift cards).

Pie Sales/Papa Murphy’s Cards – A Fund Raiser for 5th grade for a field trip.  Will check with Mrs. Kelly to make sure the Cheerleaders are not selling at the same time.

Papa Murphy’s Cards are for sell.  We can also use these for teacher/staff appreciation week.



We need a 20% increase.

We will do a class contest to increase membership.

Any class that receives a 100% membership will receive an ice-cream party.

All schools Teachers/staff will need to be signed up.

Tori says she will get the entire grade school on board.


PTSA Bulletin Board

We need to dress it up.

Banners: Winlock Combined PTSA

Cardinal Strong. Supporting Teachers, Students and Community.

Voted to order 3 banners.

3 Banners with Different sayings.

Dargie will look on line and see what she can come up with.




Game Night

Possibly get high school students to help for Community Hours.

Tori said she will email Mrs. Hadaller and Mr. Voie for students to volunteer at game night.

The time is 4:00-5:30.


PTSA Bylaws will need to be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

We are required to have 3 general meetings per year.


Meeting Adjourned at 1:15 pm


Next meeting will be September 15th 2014 @ Winlock Miller Elementary  

Time: 3:15 Ms. Nelson’s Room.



Winlock PTSA Secretary

Lori Faris