Ann Rubert

Marilynn Williams  (absent)

Dargie Sutton

Lynae Beaber

Tommy Thompson         

Lori Faris  (late)




Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Time: 7:07




Recycle for Money

Any pouch drink similar Kool-Aid and Capri Sun to can be recycled through Terracycle.  We have 1 year to submit to Terracycle to continue in the program.  Elmer’s glue is only glue brand that can be recycled through Terracycle.  We are on the waiting list for Sharpies and Papermate’s writing utensil’s through Terracycle.  Must send in a minimum of 5lbs when we submit anything to Terracycle.  Tyson meats pays .24 cents a label and we must have 100 labels to send in. 


Scholarship committee

Ann(?), Tommy, alternate Lynae.  We need an outside member.


Teacher Appreciation

May 5-9, 2014, we have the gifts.  Gifts will be handed out during this week.  Tags will be added to the gifts with “Many thanks from your PTSA”.


New Board Voting

Send out requests via email if anyone is interesting in taking a board position.  Notices need to be received by May 2.  If anyone applies, we can send out an email inviting to the May meeting.




Budget Review

Hold at May meeting.  Lynae will update the files and send out before the next meeting.




Papa Murphy Cards

Suggest that we add email address to the order.  Send home the orders on April 28 giving the kids an extra chance to sell.



T-Shirt sales – Sold 25 shirts. 





More fundraising vouchers were sent in for ideas.


Movie night at the school during the back to school BBQ?  Do we want to do this?



Shannon has asked if we can get some donations for the kids that work the hardest for the MSP testing.  Work towards getting 10-20 gifts.  Various gift certificates donations and outside summer toys.

Assembly for MSP is April 25.  Testing will be April 28th – May 2.


Follow-up meeting regarding rewards either by email/text or in person by April 23:

Ann – Shanks, Olympic Club, Coffee Stand, Harold’s.

Tommy – Fairlanes

Lynae – Dairy Bar/Dairy Dan’s

Lori – Gift Cards Movie Theater, Thorbecks swim tickets. 


Field Day

June 11 – Field Day, BBQ.  Otter pops for the kids (Ann and Dargie have).


June 12 – End of year assembly 



8:20 p.m.


Next meeting will be May12th 2014,   7:00 pm, Winlock Elementary Ms. Nelson’s Room


Winlock PTSA Secretaries


Dargie Sutton

Lori Faris