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Review of Minutes

Minutes approved Time: 7:02


Current Events


Papa Murphy’s Cards

A date in April to sell at Wal-Mart has not been picked.  Board members were asked to provide dates that they could assist.  Dargie will work with Marilynn on sending out Papa Murphy’s Card information.  It was decided that the class with the top selling would have an ice cream party, and the top selling 3 students would ride the bus during the egg day parade.


Sea Hawks Egg Day Pictures

Fundraiser completed.


Date Night

Fundraiser completed.



Dargie says we are still in limbo and are waiting.  A message from the WAPTA said that the IRS was still processing application from May 2012.  Washington State PTA sent us an updated address for the IRS.  This address update is because Washington State PTA is the primary contact the IRS uses and since WAPTA has moved the IRS needed the new address.  This update was sent to the IRS.


March Family Reading Night

We have all the supplies except carrots and onions have been picked up.  These items are being donated from Raleigh at Winlock IGA and will be picked up the day before the event.  Shop-N-Kart donated $35.00 in a gift card for each event.  With the first gift card donation, tomatoes and ground chicken was purchased for this dinner event.  We can sell pop and licorice at the dinner.



For Math a Minute, Marilynn bought a whole bunch at the Dollar Store.  She has been buying these for a long time for students with her own monies.


Recycle for Money

Capri suns, Elmer’s glue, Sharpies and Papermate only are recyclable.  Ann is hoping to get a trash can donated from Brosey’s hardware store to collect the Capri suns in.  A separate container would be used for the Elmer’s glue.  The sharpies and Papermate writing utensils could be collected together.


PTSA Website -

It is up and running, but we would like to put it on our Winlock School District Website.  There is now a link from the Winlock School District Website that takes you right to it.


T-Shirts &  Hoodies

All is going well. Orders have been low.  Handing out fliers during reading night would be good, along with other fundraisers we have going on.   Need to make another flier to put in the staff room for staff.


Mariners Game

No tickets have been ordered yet.  Dave Rubert will be on the lookout for tickets at the front office.  Greg for Big Brothers Big Sisters will have about 12 students.  It was suggested that we contact the businesses in the community to sponsor a child to attend the game.


Membership Dues

Dargie will send Lynae the final bill total for membership dues total.



New Events


Other Fundraising Ideas

Believe in kids fundraising suggestion was decided against.


Fundraiser Workshop

Secretary of State is offering a fundraiser workshop for a $10 fee on March 31 and April 21 from 10-3.  This workshop will explore deeper into the responsibilities and ethics of fundraising for charitable and nonprofit organizations.


Next meeting will be,   April 14thth 2014,   7:00 pm, Winlock Elementary Cafeteria/Ms. Nelson’s Room


Winlock PTSA Secretaries


Dargie Sutton

Lori Faris