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Minutes approved  Time: 7:05 

Current Events 

Christmas Tree Sales 

Lisa Contreras,  1st  grade teacher – A reimbursement to Lisa Contreras for the cost of trees was $582.00.  The profit for the sales of the Christmas Trees was $295.00; this amount was set aside for her class field trip. 

Dargie suggested next year that an adult go to the businesses see if they would like to purchase a tree or wreath.  Also, have order forms placed at businesses making them available for the employees and public to order.  

Lisa inquired about the Pacific Science Center coming again.  The board thought that was a great idea and we will need to check into costs surrounding an event like that.  

Santa Shop 

We had $2200.00 in sales. This includes the 20 students that came with Mrs. Criss that was done as a donation back to the school.  The junior class made a profit of $201.40 for their time, which was put into their class fund to help with the cost of prom, class trip and other class expenses. 

Marilynn will be here the day after Christmas, Dargie and Marilynn will go shopping for next year’s Secret Santa Shop. Dargie mentioned they had a list going for next year that includes: Angels, Coffee Mugs – 80 minimum, Dog/Cat Toys, Men’s Gloves, Screwdrivers or tools in general, Ice Scrapers, BBQ stuff, Candles – Metal NOT glass if possible (transporting is difficult as the break easy), Matchbox cars,  Gift bags – To wrap the gifts in, Bows.  Approval is given for Dargie and Marilynn to shop for Secret Santa shop.  

Dargie mentioned that her and Marilynn had checked out the Tumwater Scholastic book fair and didn’t find very much that was of a great value.  Dargie will check into the Portland Scholastic Book Fair where she hopes to have better luck of selection. 

If we are going to hold Secret Santa Shop the first week of December next year, we will need to have more things in stock. We sold out of everything, even after going back and purchasing 80 more mugs during the week. 

Dargie says she will reserve the Grade School Gym on the first Saturday of December 2014 for Santa pictures.   

Santa Pictures  

Pictures cost $30.30 and made $290.00.  

Ideas for next year decorations include: High back chair, Big so children can sit on and a rocking horse. 

Papa Murphy cards 

It was decided that we would keep the Papa Murphy cards, since the cards don’t expire they can be sold at any time.  This also allows the board members that have cards to finish selling theirs. 

Candy Bars   

Lori will sell the rest of the candy bars, unless other ideas come up, she will take them to the local bazaars and try to sell them. 

Date Night  

Ann will call Shankz about date night for February.

Mariner Tickets 

The game nights for the Mariner tickets are: April 12, 13, 26 or 27 or May 10, 11, 24 or 25.   Ann suggested a weekend that Felix is pitching and is looking into that date.  She is leaning towards Rangers or Oakland A’s game.  Tommy mentioned adding the advertisement of Central Link that takes you from Sea-Tac into downtown Seattle for the Mariner game for about $5.50 per adult and $2.50 per child roundtrip, while the cost of parking your car at the stadium runs about $20-30 usually. The link to the Central Link is:

T-Shirt Fundraiser 

Ann would like to set down and talk to Mrs. Ming about T-Shirts for elementary school after the first of the year.    

The questions needing to be asked are: What is a good time line to run the fundraiser for?   When is a good window for her to have this going through her t-shirt class? 

Meeting close: 8:10pm 

Next meeting will be, January 13, 2014 @ 7pm, Winlock Elementary cafeteria 

Winlock PTSA Secretaries 

Dargie Sutton
Lori Faris